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Here's one by the Hungarian painter Robert Berény - or Berény Robert, as his name would have been in his native country (1887-1953). It reminds me so much of what I was like as a teenager - I basically spent my life just lying on the sofa with a book. 

An interesting bit of trivia from Wikipedia:

A Berény painting titled Sleeping Lady with Black Vase, whose whereabouts had been unknown since 1928, was re-discovered by chance in 2009 by art historian Gergely Barki upon watching the 1999 American film Stuart Little with his daughter, where the piece was used as a prop. An assistant set designer had bought the painting cheaply from a California antique store for use in the film, and had kept it in her home after production ended. The painting was sold at auction in Budapest on 13 December 2014 for €229,500.

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